Gatorade Endurance

Gatorade Endurance is proud to partner with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series to help fuel runners to the finish line. Grounded in years of hydration and sports nutrition research, Gatorade Endurance products are developed to meet the specific needs of endurance athletes.

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Gatorade Endurance Formula

Gatorade Endurance Formula will be on course at every US Rock ‘n’ Roll race. With nearly double the sodium and triple the potassium of original Gatorade Thirst Quencher, Endurance Formula is a specialized sports drink designed to hydrate athletes engaging in prolonged training and racing when fluid, electrolyte and carbohydrate losses can be significant.

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Train with What’s on Course

Toe the start line with confidence on by training with what’s on course. Runners can learn more about Gatorade Endurance Formula and fuel their training by visiting us at


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